First Test Ranger Blog Post

26 Mar

For some time, I’ve had my own domain and website with screenshots of my college projects and diagrams of code I’ve worked on in past roles as a test engineer, yet there was no really engaging blog-type content. I am not generally a blogger, though I like to write, and the previous incarnation of my site was more or less a site for me to play around with Google Apps and GWT (as it was managed through Google Apps). Despite the novelty of having my own site, as far as content on the site, it was noticeably lacking.

As I have allowed that particular site to become stagnant, I have also decided to migrate to WordPress and start actively adding content. I’m back… like a Phoenix rising from Arizona šŸ˜› In all seriousness, I am going to try to start blogging.

In deciding what to blog about, the following occurred to me: There are plenty of blogs about software testing. There are plenty of good blogs, to be specific. There are also a lot of good blogs about startups. There are not, however, many blogs about testing at startups. I suspect this is because Test is a role that is often overlooked at startups for a variety of reasons.

Nevertheless, I have found the Test Engineer to be a critical role at companies and organizations of all sizes, and some of what I plan to talk about is why the Test Engineer is a critical role, how the Test Engineer and his/her role differs based on the nature of the organizational context in which he or she resides, test strategies, test tools, and test methodologies that I’m using, and I may also include some random observations unrelated to software at all. I hope that I will have enough content to keep this going šŸ™‚

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