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TestNG Parameterization with CSV Files by Keys

3 Sep

TestNG is a great tool for running tests and has some advantages over JUnit and other commonly used unit test frameworks.  I personally like being able to configure test suites easily with an XML file and have the suite definition separate from the tests themselves.  I also like the Maven plugin, which combined with the XML suite definition, allows for a lot of flexibility in running combinations of tests and configurations via Maven.  Conversely, one thing that is not very built-out about the framework is how test parameterization works (specifically that DataProviders are only supported as Object arrays).  Continue reading

Scalable UI Testing with Selenium

28 May

The last couple blog posts I have written have not been technical in nature, and given the information I originally intended to be discussed on this blog (testing at startups), I feel compelled to discuss a subject near and dear to me, UI testing.  More specifically, I will discuss how I have implemented a sustainable UI testing framework with low maintenance that is specifically designed to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with UI testing.  Continue reading