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The Right Questions for Interviewing Testers

29 Jul

So you’ve decided to hire testers.  Good for you.  I know there are some organizations that may have misconceptions about the role of testers in software engineering, and some individuals even make the case that they don’t need testers.  Joel Spolsky from Joel on Software previously articulated and debunked some of the more common of these misconceptions in his post Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don’t Have Testers.  One of the interesting parts of this article, other than the responses to the misconceptions, which are dead on, is when Joel addresses “Anybody qualified to be a good tester doesn’t want to work as a tester.”  He mentions that it is difficult to find good testers and that “like programmers, the best ones are an order of magnitude better than the average ones.”  Anyone who has worked with testers before knows this to be true.  So how do you determine which testers are a magnitude better and measure for this in an interview? Continue reading